Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Everybody's free
To make their own choices
Their unique mistakes
To listen to me if they can bear
I'm free to say this everytime you read it

There's one advice I wanna give
For the future, a golden one for the words
Use sunscreen lotion for your skin
That'll save you from the depletion of ozone
Til' you're set to be over

Be a docile adolescent
Let others cite an example of yourself to their children
And befriend the kids who hear about you
Make them admit to what they'll ever hear
Be decent
Inculcate a charming personality
Develop a sumptuous dressing- sense
Grow up to be mature
Make others despise themselves when they see you
Read quality books, write passionate soliloquys
Play the electric guitar from the time when you were six
Be tall enough to be a wizard at basketball
Have a lot of friends
Philander in successions
Never play with anyone's heart
Don't let anyone play with yours
Live once in New York City
But leave before it makes you too stoic
Live once in Northern California
But leave before it makes you too soft
Make your own choices
That's your half a chance to make it
Like a half chance for anybody else
Respect your elders
Be respected by young ones
Live a happy life
Make others happy
Listen to advices of the less worthy people
But follow your own heart
Don't use too much gel in your hair
Or you'll look 85 by the time you're 40
Have a firm hand
But don't be headstrong
Smile like a child
But think like a man
Marry when you look the best
Die before you approach your worst
Let optimism be the way of life
Be hopeful that good things will happen
But don't be too hopeful
To be perished in the real world
Remember only the compliments you receive
Forget the errors you made
And by the end of the day, you'll feel satisfied with life
Don't be dark, don't be gothic
Don't cut your nerves when you're down
Maintain your complexion
Don't stand too long in the sun
Avoid sickness, be healthy
Be a sweetheart, be stealthy
Maybe someone will get to love you
Maybe not
Maybe you'll have children someday
Maybe you won't
Don't rely on anyone to support you
Learn to stand on your own
You may have a wife or a sibling
But you never know
You may have a clear vision for a lifetime
Or wear glasses from when you were ten
You may grow up to change the world
Or be forgotten by your loved ones
Be strong enough to live with that
They'll follow you soon when you're fun
Don't be ashamed if you don't know what you wanna be
There are people I know who're 43
Still wondering what they'd be best at
And People who're nearing death
Contemplating the very pupose of their lives
Don't let it show what's going on in your mind
Don't be tagged turbulent
Grow old to complain
That commodities were cheaper when you were young
That children respected their elders more
Of how politicians used to be honest and efficient
And how they aren't now
Be a wise man
Or atleast fake it til' your death

If you're able to do all of this
Tell me how you did it
Then you give me advices
And I'll follow yours
Til' that time
Remember what I said
And use the sunscreen lotion
Everybody's free to use sunscreen lotion


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