Friday, April 3, 2009

1. You can consider me shoddy cos' I dont have a driving license to run you over when im drunk

2. I chose to be single n' that amounts to a gay even tho u cunt get 1 with all the zest

3. Sarcasm is the doorway to all n' Nirvana is my emancipation, but my fav trak is 'Stairway to Heaven'....How ironic is that!

4. Im not jealous of your good life. its your optimism with a screwed up life that had me drunk

5. I want cancer so that Im legalised to smoke pot

6. Im too ficcal to be successful n' you suck too much<<<

7. Life has a brighter side at nights cos' Im pessimistic, n' everyone who hates me is supposed to be unappreciative of quality n' lacking in depth just cos' they arent pessimistic themselves.
n' Im still proud after writing all this.

8. I hate everyone n hardly care about what people comment. yet Im writing all this

9. The bullets(points) are cut out to be cool becos' of all the sarcasm.I'm optimistic about that

10. I'll always consider that no- one would get what I've written as if Im some prodige of Coleridge n the only one who got to study Angrezee in India

11. I withdraw to home every night n' tell my mum about how my buds drank n' I just fagged

12. Dad got me broadband cos' I had to finish my project

13. You're reading all this cos' you're gleeful that its not another one of my songs

14. Do you even respect my songs anymore??
I know what you're thinking.Were they songs??I thot they were poems!!!

15. Thats not what u were thinking.I just made a fool outta myself

16. I think admitting that makes me cool.I kno it dusnt

17. U dont wanna read this anymore


19. You just reciprocated

20. Now ur wondering when will this garbage end...
...whenever u'll stop reading

Dont smile cos' its over
Repent that it happened!


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