Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Meet Marshall, a college guy in his late 20, he's fascinated to finally lay his smoked fingers on pharmaceutical cocaine, when suddenly his conscience comes into play...

Hey Marshall, you see that briefcase in blue
That's your destination
Pay him money and get it to you
No Marshall dont, that's not your destination
that's just worse, take your money and buy some wafers

Now you're listening to him dude
Are you that chick
Are you so afraid of being screwed
Just be a man, take that drug in your hand
Think about it, it can't be worse than being boo'd
Remember the first time you laid a chick
This is how he always treated you
He never wanted to see you happy
But you closed your eyes and said 'FUCK YOU'
Do it anyway, he's a jealous bitch
He wont let you have it
'cos its something he could never do
Can you afford it later
Can you steal again
Its so much to brag about
Do what you have to do
You dont have to do it
You can put the money to a better use
You can pay with it for your college
Or use it to pay dues
Your dad will be so proud
He'd love the son he made you
Think about it, you ruined it once
You need him and he needs you
What the fuck are you talking about
He doesn't need them
He only needs drugs
His only bittersweet friend
Its like adrenaline
The poor guy has been used
If he doesn't get happy soon
He'll die, 'n we'll be dead too
This is how you get over it
Trust me! Im real handy
Ive been through this kind of shit before
That's enough said, do it already

He's Scott, a lonesome guy on his first anniversary night, snubbed by his late- working girlfriend. Just then, he runs into her getting 'Hot & Heavy' with another guy at her place. Once again, his conscience comes into play...

Look Scott, hold yourself
Drink some water and take it easy
'Take it easy', that's your advice
He just caught his girfriend cheating
She was gonna sleep with that dude
If he din't run into them
What do you think they were doing
Checking if his condom was leaking
Okay! I know this looks bad
But she might have her reasons
Give her a chance to explain
Let them get dressed before you beat him
Maybe she lied to you
Maybe she din't know what she was doing
He must have baited Kim into him
You would better know your girlfriend

What's she gonna explain
that he had hypnotized Kim
and never broke the eye- contact
the whole time they were fucking
Look! She's doing it on your bed
I bet she enjoyed it
The guy has the biggest smile on his face
Even your bed had enjoyed it
Now think about it for a second
She's pregnant with your kid

Dude, you can operate on her now
You're not a doctor, thats it!
Don't listen to Shady
He's just messing with your feelings

What? She was thinking of you the whole time
Is that what you believe in?
Look at this asshole
He's a forty- year old virgin
You're listening to a closet gay now
Hey Dre, is virginity so frustrating?
Hey Shady, what the fuck was that
Do you wanna stop breathing

Why dont you 'take it easy' now Dr.Dre
Wasn't that retaliation!!
That's my whole fucking point Scott
Throw that bitch outta the window
Slit her throat and tie her up too
Show her what a real bitch can do


Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Everybody's free
To make their own choices
Their unique mistakes
To listen to me if they can bear
I'm free to say this everytime you read it

There's one advice I wanna give
For the future, a golden one for the words
Use sunscreen lotion for your skin
That'll save you from the depletion of ozone
Til' you're set to be over

Be a docile adolescent
Let others cite an example of yourself to their children
And befriend the kids who hear about you
Make them admit to what they'll ever hear
Be decent
Inculcate a charming personality
Develop a sumptuous dressing- sense
Grow up to be mature
Make others despise themselves when they see you
Read quality books, write passionate soliloquys
Play the electric guitar from the time when you were six
Be tall enough to be a wizard at basketball
Have a lot of friends
Philander in successions
Never play with anyone's heart
Don't let anyone play with yours
Live once in New York City
But leave before it makes you too stoic
Live once in Northern California
But leave before it makes you too soft
Make your own choices
That's your half a chance to make it
Like a half chance for anybody else
Respect your elders
Be respected by young ones
Live a happy life
Make others happy
Listen to advices of the less worthy people
But follow your own heart
Don't use too much gel in your hair
Or you'll look 85 by the time you're 40
Have a firm hand
But don't be headstrong
Smile like a child
But think like a man
Marry when you look the best
Die before you approach your worst
Let optimism be the way of life
Be hopeful that good things will happen
But don't be too hopeful
To be perished in the real world
Remember only the compliments you receive
Forget the errors you made
And by the end of the day, you'll feel satisfied with life
Don't be dark, don't be gothic
Don't cut your nerves when you're down
Maintain your complexion
Don't stand too long in the sun
Avoid sickness, be healthy
Be a sweetheart, be stealthy
Maybe someone will get to love you
Maybe not
Maybe you'll have children someday
Maybe you won't
Don't rely on anyone to support you
Learn to stand on your own
You may have a wife or a sibling
But you never know
You may have a clear vision for a lifetime
Or wear glasses from when you were ten
You may grow up to change the world
Or be forgotten by your loved ones
Be strong enough to live with that
They'll follow you soon when you're fun
Don't be ashamed if you don't know what you wanna be
There are people I know who're 43
Still wondering what they'd be best at
And People who're nearing death
Contemplating the very pupose of their lives
Don't let it show what's going on in your mind
Don't be tagged turbulent
Grow old to complain
That commodities were cheaper when you were young
That children respected their elders more
Of how politicians used to be honest and efficient
And how they aren't now
Be a wise man
Or atleast fake it til' your death

If you're able to do all of this
Tell me how you did it
Then you give me advices
And I'll follow yours
Til' that time
Remember what I said
And use the sunscreen lotion
Everybody's free to use sunscreen lotion


Understand my leaving
I'll leave you in another world
It's a place that will suck you down
and everyday through the night
Resurrect you from dirt
The same that you kicked when
It was lying down in disgust and disbelief
Tribulations in a noose of chord
Dreams in hopes of a dying- wish
Only to face
The Death and Ressurection Show

Its the one
You had feared the most as a juvenile
That's why they were fetched and caved
To make things so horrid that
The pain of me seems nothing at all
It seems to me that way
I can only imagine your nights getting dimmer
The salt getting saltier
And every articulate detail in uniqueness
A manoeuvre you can't but feel at most
Til' the day
The one day that
I'll realise how stifled you've been all the while
How you effaced your charm that never was
The touch you only read about
And died yearning of, one you din't deserve
The one who wished you did
And yet, died wishing
The moment you saw my two beautiful girls
Caper fantastically and dawn
the tears of you
Of how they danced on your lips
When they finally reached there
It's a shame it turned out to be a paradox
When I thought they were precious
And the moment was magnificent
Well, it wasn't
But we thought it was
That's when you made me realise
The perfection it could've been
If we always thought alike
And differed alike
My luck you had grown up by that time
To say it didn't matter anymore
'Cause we blew it
To make our lives a picturesque enigma
Like all the others
With their restricted perspective
I get you now
But explain it to me for once
Or whisper if you will
Isn't it so that
Our perspectives would've defined us
If that's what we chose
But we din't choose it
Too bad we had to lose it
Does it hurt too much
Do you speak too,
Or am I supposed to do the talking
Of all that was and never will be
Why did you had to change today
When I decided to be you and yours
Is it for spite or am I still too blunt for myself
I would've asked my husband
Hadn't he been so predictable to say that
He could've done a lot better
And I would've done a lot worse
I bet he'd eat his words
If he ever saw us in philander
That even the creator would realise
That it was all a morbid pleasure
On his part and mine
To entwine and still never let contact be our destiny

But this is nobody's day
Its just an encore of
The Death and Ressurection Show

If we met or if you saw that bird again
If there's unsettled dust in your mail
Consider it's me
With your reminiscence
The anecdote of two kids
Who never grew up
And who kept writing like it was the last time


There's unsettled dust near the bedpost
Underneath there's a savage spot
It's an expression of sorrow
It explains a lot
I always need to be good
For you, that's what I should
Why do I need so many cigarettes
Why do I feel like such a criminal

Its not that I designed this fate
Nor did your pigeons and parapets
How do I know so much
Do I have a secret peaphole
Could I be so stealthy
Or is it my innocence
It couldn't be, everyone says so
I'm just too obssessed with alcohol
And I love that it kills me so much
The reason for the Ashes on my Bed
is nothing but a piece of heart
It's definitely not my best
But it's certainly the most foiling
Why do I need so many cigarettes
Is it becos I'm a zombie
Or is it because I'm spoilt

Figure it out
If you can my relapse
I know only you can
You know only you can
Think of all the reasons of
Why I feel like such a criminal

I would give you all the happiness
If I could to myself
And the reasons to gratification and feeling
I would give you nerves
But you endowed me first
And took it back
Will and peacefulness they were
Rhyming the seasons throughout
Is it too confusing
Its too dark for the onlookers
Who told them to onlook
When they can't even read my mind
Why do they genuinely wanna help
They're not even my kind
You are

I know why I need so much vodka
And so many cigarettes
Bother to come close
And figure it out


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby you'll love your life tonight
I wrote these things just for you
Its been two sundays that I did
I don't wanna hold it anymore

The weather's never been like today
You've worn your see- through shirt for me
I know I said this yesterday
'n then you din't let me sleep at all

Mama I'm regurgitating like a whore
You make me this slut I love to show
I just love to show
Show Show
Hey Yeah Yeah

Lemme show you my leather pants
Lemme crush you like a whore
Then you'll feel what I feel in bed
When we're close but I'm still alone

Sugar sprinkled on my tongue
But I can't feel like I did before
Why do you kiss me in my dreams
You just don't let me sleep at all

Mama I'm regurgitating like a whore
You make me this slut I love to show
I just love to show
Show Show
Hey Hey Yeah

When I'm dead I'm still a whore
'cause I'm sleeping after all
Woah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah


These are a few of the special lines
that inspire all that I do, I know, I see,
I feel, I love 'n love more.
And these aren't mine
and still so close that I can't feel my
pants more.
My 2nd greatest love & the greatest ever band,
GUNS 'N ROSES (the original one).
By W.AXL Rose.........


Sail away sweet sister
Sail across the sea
Maybe you find somebody
That love happens as much as me

My heart is always with you
No matter what you do
So sail away, sweet sister 'cause
I always will be in love with you

But if you love somebody else sweetheart
I don't wanna know about you

'cause you see so many others
You know what I mean and
That's why I got to live
Without You

I'm in love with the girl
I'm talking about
I'm in love with the girl
That I can't live without

I'm in love but I feel
Like I'm living without
I'm in love but its the most
Bad time to be in love


Once in a while
When we kill each other
I feel like I've done a mistake
By forcing into Neverland
And being so oblivious

Like the Cirrus when you don't see it
Like a nobody when you don't see me
Its not vandalism
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be

I could've knocked, you know
I was lax to be discovered
A little fragile to be broken
One too shy to be spoken
But I can be copied
Tweaked 'n melodramatised
Kept to a simmer
Holding on to his senses in a fake beauty
Benign 'n feminine
Frivolous to all but women
'cause they are women
Come to talk about them
Even I loved one
A girl with everything a woman would envy
And yearn to rob and call it theirs
It is on a small note
I would have explained us
Had I been alive today

Once in a while
When we killed each other
I felt I'd done a mistake
By forcing into Neverland
And being so oblivious

Like the Cirrus when she din't see it
Like a nobody when she din't see me
Its not vandalism
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be

But I'm dead now
I cannot explain the breath I'm taking


Your fingers are calling
Into the fields of pressure
There's a sea in discomfort
Its really big
Its a giant sea

My name is Halcyon
I'm not a fiery bird
I'm a forced aerial
to be shot dead
A figure of Vodka
With eyes on my addiction
The nip is giant
and I cant wait
With you, I cant be realated
I was just craving
I dont crave now
I'm forsaken
Forsaken in the Rain

I'm melting
There's no protection in the rain
I'm still dying
For twenty years I've been the same

Little Girl, you've grown smaller than you think
But Im a giant
A giant way to come back
Don't act like you wonder

If it was my way
We would be groping
Thru sheets of satin
And searching for the gold
These thoughts shrink me
They'll dazzle you too
But if they dont
I can explain myself
Its just too violent
I cant watch me
I should be banned
From being so docile

Hey boy, sprinting thru the sand
Prove yourself
And drink on the hottest day
Little Girl, look at yourself
You're so yourself
I can hardly be me

Hey boy, sprinting thru the sand
Prove yourself
And drink on the hottest day
Little Girl, look at yourself
You're so yourself
I can hardly be me

Atleast I'm Giant
Atleast I'm something


Friday, April 3, 2009

1. You can consider me shoddy cos' I dont have a driving license to run you over when im drunk

2. I chose to be single n' that amounts to a gay even tho u cunt get 1 with all the zest

3. Sarcasm is the doorway to all n' Nirvana is my emancipation, but my fav trak is 'Stairway to Heaven'....How ironic is that!

4. Im not jealous of your good life. its your optimism with a screwed up life that had me drunk

5. I want cancer so that Im legalised to smoke pot

6. Im too ficcal to be successful n' you suck too much<<<

7. Life has a brighter side at nights cos' Im pessimistic, n' everyone who hates me is supposed to be unappreciative of quality n' lacking in depth just cos' they arent pessimistic themselves.
n' Im still proud after writing all this.

8. I hate everyone n hardly care about what people comment. yet Im writing all this

9. The bullets(points) are cut out to be cool becos' of all the sarcasm.I'm optimistic about that

10. I'll always consider that no- one would get what I've written as if Im some prodige of Coleridge n the only one who got to study Angrezee in India

11. I withdraw to home every night n' tell my mum about how my buds drank n' I just fagged

12. Dad got me broadband cos' I had to finish my project

13. You're reading all this cos' you're gleeful that its not another one of my songs

14. Do you even respect my songs anymore??
I know what you're thinking.Were they songs??I thot they were poems!!!

15. Thats not what u were thinking.I just made a fool outta myself

16. I think admitting that makes me cool.I kno it dusnt

17. U dont wanna read this anymore


19. You just reciprocated

20. Now ur wondering when will this garbage end...
...whenever u'll stop reading

Dont smile cos' its over
Repent that it happened!


I wanted bees to see my progress
but they would give me stings
I wont put my make- up on
cos' I am losing face

Living in this water bottle
is my life on her lips
Desolation when its sealed
but thirst when its set free

I wanna make a name
I'm running round and round this tree

I wanna have a say
I must sail in this leaking boat
...it will sink

I would beat these ten- feet men
if I could see their heads
I can grow a tail of horse
If I could run so fast

I had no- one when I came
there's no- one I would take
I would put the gun to my head
but I swore I wont kill

I wanna make a name
Im running round and round this tree

I wanna have a say
I must sail in this leaking boat
...it will sink

Im the Judas of your father
but I wont hang myself
Look inside my lonely suite
and you will find two beds

Heresy in my one- pound brain
A stone in my chest
Serenaded in early morning
its sleep that I will pick

I wanna make a name
Im running round and round this tree

I wanna have a say
I must sail in this leaking boat
...it will sink


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Come inside my room
See your pictures painted on the walls
I bless you to live your life
in the bustle of the evergreen

I wish to hear your songs
when I switch on the radio
Learn every word you wrote
and live in every house you sold

The sunshine will kiss your hands
when you'll bask
...in the Sky Of Miracles

I'm flying in clear blue Skies
...Of a Miracle

The twinkle of shining lights
is a prejudice of distant eyes
The Echoes of forest- fright
is a chance to hold her in my arms

The Dying Fears
is a violin tuned in time
I want you smiling NEAR
or FAR...
...I just want you to smile

The sunshine will kiss your feet
When you'll bask
...in the Sky Of Miracles

I'm flying in clear blue Skies
...Of a Miracle

Drive in a mirrored car
in the mountains of despair
And beleive you're a Winner
cos' now you know you can breathe in thin air...
...and you dared to Live

Its raining now
and I see my times with you, as a rainbow in the sky
I know we'll fall in love
and kiss
...in all our next lives

The sunshine will kiss your lips
when you'll bask
...in the Sky Of Miracles
I'm flying in clear blue Skies
...Of a Miracle


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I...trusted time
for my fate
Hide...in your crime
for her sake in the sunshine

Ten ways to look at me
when i'm not looking
The sense of my sins
is weak when i'm turning

Let me hear...
every whisper in the story

Im here...
Im right here for you
as your slave
as your slave

Got the Wizards at my window
hanging by the rails
They'll wait for me to stare at them
and kill me then and there

They're two faced
They're violet Wizards in me

If I dont feed nuns with my blood
they'll grow in me
They're scions
of once dormant wraiths in me

I...just smoke...
and cave in the darkness of the midnight
I ...slayed my son
when i felt provoked
by the trial of my business

You poured the poison in me
when i closed my eyes yawning
Dont treat my lover
as an object of your liaison

I'll kill...
and get killed for you
I'm here...
Im right here for you
as your slave
as your slave

Three lines on my forehead
Fetish on my lap
I want to give her my life
but the Wizards wont accept

They're rifles...
of first blood and killing glee

Like a self- destructive mind
begging for mutation

They're marines
who've never heard of seas

A ruthless nation filled with greed
cant take it anymore

Drop the bombs
with no remorse
Burning out all the cities

Disease the best
Profane the rest
Burn their homes
and break their necks
Destroy them in shackles of slavery

The far- cry rising in the wild
are the winners mocking me

They're two faced
They're violet Wizards in me

If i dont feed nuns with my blood
they'll grow in me
They're scions
of once dormant wraiths in me

I squinted in the moonless nights
and got blinded very soon...
(I see the concentrated filth
burning the limelight beside me,
Im sliding in an unrest to avoid it,
and you're following the treadmarks
of the rhododendron;
the resounding outrage
of your enigmatic gore,
like zeppelins towering the skies of Rye,
not that you dont understand,
but you do,
and still self detonating surreptitiously.
I know all of this.)

Spoiling all your infants
Buying icebeds in the winter
Renting attic to the sinners
granting wisdom to their kids

The night skies in your ceiling
Unconscious ways of healing
Dead when you're sleeping
You'll never wake again...
...not another day

Im flying in the air
with a smile upon my face
cos' my wings are burning down

And then it starts to rain
Its drops chide the flame
Gift of rainbow from the heaven
but i lose my wings to rust

Scavengers have a party
countless stitches on my body
My prostration makes the news
And how I'm a selfish slack...
...in my thirst for love

The goodness of infection
is a common treatment plan
You saw the devil in frustration
There's a spirit in the devil...
...who thrives on confusion

Illiterates on the mission
of fighting wars never won
Its their one way to redemption
They'll do the worst they would to rest

They're two faced
they're violet wizards in me

If i dont feed nuns with my blood
If i dint grow horns of distrust
They'll grow in me

They're scions
Of violet Wizards in me

If i dont see the world tomorrow
Forfeit my dear life of sorrow
Lead my last breath in the vision...
...of your sight


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get into my Amphitheatre Of Dreams
Where the stands are filled with broken cars

Blinded by the Light Of Stars
When they dont want what we are

They want divine
They want divine

Glory in the Age Of Wars
Like a hound of shark feast on tarts
Bluffed by the Myth Of Gods
a frisk before the cheating starts

Foiled by the Change Of Heart
Impatient drops in a greyish cloud
Im familiar with What You Are
Your warmth speaks, lies just shout

You're divine
You're divine

Convinced by the Decoys Of Czar
they're slayed ships in empty jars
Pursuit of a Perfect Life
...is a rusted cage of brimstone bars

Spilled glass in Quakes Of East
A follicle of staggered lands
Sailing in the Seas Of Slime
is a conscious man who's lost his wand

He wants to drown
He wants to drown

Spits on my Face Of Spots
another life is what I want
Perplexion is the Drink Of Dolls
with feet of rust and face of scars

They all had a Human Start
they killed themselves and made it steel
Robotic arms with Strength Of Giant
metallic skins which never heal...

...in time
All the time
...in time
All the time

Get into my Amphitheatre Of Dreams
where the stands are filled with broken cars

Blinded by the Light Of Stars
When they dont want what we are

they want divine
they want divine


Ohh...These lovely stains
of misbehaviour
in the shadow of my dreams

The steep terrains
of daunting nature
with all the forests stalking me

The taste of pleasure
The verbal treasure
......is noise....
when its knocking at your door

And all this silence
Of estranged passion
.....is blood...
much darker than the black i've bled before

Come, heal the stains
In the symposium of bluffs
cos' you're the narcissist
i cant give up

Unfold the planes
that i made throughtout my life
crashing in the
dire straits of dust

I played the game
Of monks and sages
to treat the cancer of no cure

I'll kiss your wounds
and make them diamonds
you wont lose me anymore

The misty vapour
is an accentuator
Of our kiss
like we're living our last breath

The guilt of pressure
Your desperate measures
are shallow depths
I can see your tears sheen behind that crust

Come, heal the stains

In the symposium of bluffs
cos' you're the narcissist
i cant give up

Unfold the planes
that i made throughtout my life
crashing in the
dire straits of dust................