Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Meet Marshall, a college guy in his late 20, he's fascinated to finally lay his smoked fingers on pharmaceutical cocaine, when suddenly his conscience comes into play...

Hey Marshall, you see that briefcase in blue
That's your destination
Pay him money and get it to you
No Marshall dont, that's not your destination
that's just worse, take your money and buy some wafers

Now you're listening to him dude
Are you that chick
Are you so afraid of being screwed
Just be a man, take that drug in your hand
Think about it, it can't be worse than being boo'd
Remember the first time you laid a chick
This is how he always treated you
He never wanted to see you happy
But you closed your eyes and said 'FUCK YOU'
Do it anyway, he's a jealous bitch
He wont let you have it
'cos its something he could never do
Can you afford it later
Can you steal again
Its so much to brag about
Do what you have to do
You dont have to do it
You can put the money to a better use
You can pay with it for your college
Or use it to pay dues
Your dad will be so proud
He'd love the son he made you
Think about it, you ruined it once
You need him and he needs you
What the fuck are you talking about
He doesn't need them
He only needs drugs
His only bittersweet friend
Its like adrenaline
The poor guy has been used
If he doesn't get happy soon
He'll die, 'n we'll be dead too
This is how you get over it
Trust me! Im real handy
Ive been through this kind of shit before
That's enough said, do it already

He's Scott, a lonesome guy on his first anniversary night, snubbed by his late- working girlfriend. Just then, he runs into her getting 'Hot & Heavy' with another guy at her place. Once again, his conscience comes into play...

Look Scott, hold yourself
Drink some water and take it easy
'Take it easy', that's your advice
He just caught his girfriend cheating
She was gonna sleep with that dude
If he din't run into them
What do you think they were doing
Checking if his condom was leaking
Okay! I know this looks bad
But she might have her reasons
Give her a chance to explain
Let them get dressed before you beat him
Maybe she lied to you
Maybe she din't know what she was doing
He must have baited Kim into him
You would better know your girlfriend

What's she gonna explain
that he had hypnotized Kim
and never broke the eye- contact
the whole time they were fucking
Look! She's doing it on your bed
I bet she enjoyed it
The guy has the biggest smile on his face
Even your bed had enjoyed it
Now think about it for a second
She's pregnant with your kid

Dude, you can operate on her now
You're not a doctor, thats it!
Don't listen to Shady
He's just messing with your feelings

What? She was thinking of you the whole time
Is that what you believe in?
Look at this asshole
He's a forty- year old virgin
You're listening to a closet gay now
Hey Dre, is virginity so frustrating?
Hey Shady, what the fuck was that
Do you wanna stop breathing

Why dont you 'take it easy' now Dr.Dre
Wasn't that retaliation!!
That's my whole fucking point Scott
Throw that bitch outta the window
Slit her throat and tie her up too
Show her what a real bitch can do


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