Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Understand my leaving
I'll leave you in another world
It's a place that will suck you down
and everyday through the night
Resurrect you from dirt
The same that you kicked when
It was lying down in disgust and disbelief
Tribulations in a noose of chord
Dreams in hopes of a dying- wish
Only to face
The Death and Ressurection Show

Its the one
You had feared the most as a juvenile
That's why they were fetched and caved
To make things so horrid that
The pain of me seems nothing at all
It seems to me that way
I can only imagine your nights getting dimmer
The salt getting saltier
And every articulate detail in uniqueness
A manoeuvre you can't but feel at most
Til' the day
The one day that
I'll realise how stifled you've been all the while
How you effaced your charm that never was
The touch you only read about
And died yearning of, one you din't deserve
The one who wished you did
And yet, died wishing
The moment you saw my two beautiful girls
Caper fantastically and dawn
the tears of you
Of how they danced on your lips
When they finally reached there
It's a shame it turned out to be a paradox
When I thought they were precious
And the moment was magnificent
Well, it wasn't
But we thought it was
That's when you made me realise
The perfection it could've been
If we always thought alike
And differed alike
My luck you had grown up by that time
To say it didn't matter anymore
'Cause we blew it
To make our lives a picturesque enigma
Like all the others
With their restricted perspective
I get you now
But explain it to me for once
Or whisper if you will
Isn't it so that
Our perspectives would've defined us
If that's what we chose
But we din't choose it
Too bad we had to lose it
Does it hurt too much
Do you speak too,
Or am I supposed to do the talking
Of all that was and never will be
Why did you had to change today
When I decided to be you and yours
Is it for spite or am I still too blunt for myself
I would've asked my husband
Hadn't he been so predictable to say that
He could've done a lot better
And I would've done a lot worse
I bet he'd eat his words
If he ever saw us in philander
That even the creator would realise
That it was all a morbid pleasure
On his part and mine
To entwine and still never let contact be our destiny

But this is nobody's day
Its just an encore of
The Death and Ressurection Show

If we met or if you saw that bird again
If there's unsettled dust in your mail
Consider it's me
With your reminiscence
The anecdote of two kids
Who never grew up
And who kept writing like it was the last time


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