Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There's unsettled dust near the bedpost
Underneath there's a savage spot
It's an expression of sorrow
It explains a lot
I always need to be good
For you, that's what I should
Why do I need so many cigarettes
Why do I feel like such a criminal

Its not that I designed this fate
Nor did your pigeons and parapets
How do I know so much
Do I have a secret peaphole
Could I be so stealthy
Or is it my innocence
It couldn't be, everyone says so
I'm just too obssessed with alcohol
And I love that it kills me so much
The reason for the Ashes on my Bed
is nothing but a piece of heart
It's definitely not my best
But it's certainly the most foiling
Why do I need so many cigarettes
Is it becos I'm a zombie
Or is it because I'm spoilt

Figure it out
If you can my relapse
I know only you can
You know only you can
Think of all the reasons of
Why I feel like such a criminal

I would give you all the happiness
If I could to myself
And the reasons to gratification and feeling
I would give you nerves
But you endowed me first
And took it back
Will and peacefulness they were
Rhyming the seasons throughout
Is it too confusing
Its too dark for the onlookers
Who told them to onlook
When they can't even read my mind
Why do they genuinely wanna help
They're not even my kind
You are

I know why I need so much vodka
And so many cigarettes
Bother to come close
And figure it out


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